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Baby Stuffies


Pleasing a child with a cuddly stuffed toy is a treat that is especially enjoyable for a grandparent. Each Baby Stuffies toy is named for a special trait that you may think is something that your child or grandchild can identify with. Their fuzzy fur and adorable eyes appeal to almost any child, and they serve a practical purpose as well. Soft and lovable, they contain pockets that are perfect for hiding special treasures.

Sleeping over at a friend’s house is an experience that sometimes requires a little bit of reassurance. Familiar Stuffies provide just the right touch of home without causing a child any embarrassment. A completely acceptable companion, They provide a convenient place to carry overnight supplies like a comb, a toothbrush, favorite toys and comfy pajamas. A plentiful supply of Stuffies® gives you many to choose from, and each new one is just a bit more special than the last. Baby Francine is a favorite for her positive attitude and her belief that everyone has a little magic inside. Stuffies teach children important concepts in the most gentle way. Baby Champ and Baby Bravo are excellent companions when a child needs a little comforting reassurance.

Collecting a family of the adorable toys is a treasure for any child who is lucky enough to have a caring and giving grandparent. Among the many lessons that the cozy toys provide is the importance of sticking together. Hidden magnets let them stick together. A child may enjoy having a cuddly companion at bedtime, and resting on a soft, stuffed toy is a pleasing experience. No one has to spend time alone when Baby Stuffies provide excellent companionship. Especially nice for a child who gets an invitation to a sleepover, the adorable toys are enjoyable at any time. A gift of a stuffed toy is a welcome one, and almost any child experiences a great thrill when one arrives. As a doting grandparent, you can start a family tradition that can last for many years to come.

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New Stuffies


The Stuffies brand has added 5 new adorable characters to their line of cuddly and stuffable animals.

 If you haven’t yet seen or heard about these, you are certainly missing out! Stuffies are super soft and cuddly animals with secret pockets for kids to hide their favorite little treasures. Although they make a great children’s toy, people of all ages seem to love Stuffies. They are perfect for use as a pillow in the car, or for a quick night away. Stuffed with pajamas, a comb, toothbrush, and toys; Stuffies can make the perfect overnight bag.

Of course, the major reason we love Stuffies, is that they really stick to teaching their motto, “It’s what’s inside that counts.” Every Stuffie comes with its own unique personality and storybook to teach specific life lessons.

The 5 newest characters are no exception! Blaze the Dragon is always roaring with courage. Champ the Lion is quick to stand up for others. Igby the Iguana teaches kids it’s okay to dance to your own beat. Whisper the Cat knows the power of listening. And Wonderella the Pegasus knows that your dreams can take you anywhere!

Our first shipment of new Stuffies is expected to arrive very soon! The first two characters available will be Blaze the Dragon and Champ the Lion.

Check out Stuffies on our website at As Seen On TV Hot 10 for more information and to view all 16 styles!

new stuffies

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“How much stuff can you stuff in a Stuffie before your Stuffie’s stuffed enough stuff?!”

Stuffies are super soft and cuddly animals, with 7 secret pockets, for kids to hide their favorite treasures!

Stuffies can be used to hide toys, keep small treasures safe, and even be used as an overnight bag. Just stuff with kids pajamas, a toothbrush, and their favorite toy and they are ready to go!

Not only are Stuffies super soft and great for holding all of your children’s favorite things, they also promote healthy, positive values. Each Stuffie comes with its own personality and unique storybook about volunteering, doing chores, including others, and much more. Choose just the right Stuffie for your child and it can help teach them the Stuffies motto, “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

Although Stuffies are meant for kids, they aren’t the only ones who can enjoy them. Stuffies are super-sized and super soft, making a great travel pillow in the car. Also, there’s no more excuse for tiny toys lying all over the house, just stuff them away!

Stuffies are now available in 10 different styles, each with their own unique lesson. We also will be receiving 5 NEW Stuffie styles in the coming months, so be sure to check back and get yours as soon as they are available. Find more information on Stuffies at our website As Seen On TV Hot 10.


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