Baby Stuffies

Unfortunately As Seen On TV Hot 10 no longer carries Baby Stuffies. However, we do still carry Stuffies! Stuffies are the same as Baby Stuffies, they’re just a little bigger. Check them out at our web store!


Pleasing a child with a cuddly stuffed toy is a treat that is especially enjoyable for a grandparent. Each Baby Stuffies toy is named for a special trait that you may think is something that your child or grandchild can identify with. Their fuzzy fur and adorable eyes appeal to almost any child, and they serve a practical purpose as well. Soft and lovable, they contain pockets that are perfect for hiding special treasures.

Sleeping over at a friend’s house is an experience that sometimes requires a little bit of reassurance. Familiar Stuffies provide just the right touch of home without causing a child any embarrassment. A completely acceptable companion, They provide a convenient place to carry overnight supplies like a comb, a toothbrush, favorite toys and comfy pajamas. A plentiful supply of Stuffies® gives you many to choose from, and each new one is just a bit more special than the last. Baby Francine is a favorite for her positive attitude and her belief that everyone has a little magic inside. Stuffies teach children important concepts in the most gentle way. Baby Champ and Baby Bravo are excellent companions when a child needs a little comforting reassurance.

Collecting a family of the adorable toys is a treasure for any child who is lucky enough to have a caring and giving grandparent. Among the many lessons that the cozy toys provide is the importance of sticking together. Hidden magnets let them stick together. A child may enjoy having a cuddly companion at bedtime, and resting on a soft, stuffed toy is a pleasing experience. No one has to spend time alone when Baby Stuffies provide excellent companionship. Especially nice for a child who gets an invitation to a sleepover, the adorable toys are enjoyable at any time. A gift of a stuffed toy is a welcome one, and almost any child experiences a great thrill when one arrives. As a doting grandparent, you can start a family tradition that can last for many years to come.