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One really new As Seen On TV product, that we can’t wait to get our hands on, are the StretchKins!

We know there have been lots of new stuffed animals lately, ones you stick on, clip on, stuff full, and talk to! But, StretchKins are different, now you get to WEAR your furry friends! They’re super stretchy animals you attach to your hands and feet and they do what you do. Play, run, dance, exercise, and be active all day, and StretchKins stay fastened on to you!

StretchKins are soft, yet durable, so you can play and stretch them as big and as often as you want. All you have to do is place your hands and feet in the attached loops, and secure your grip comfortably. You can hop, jump, tumble, and stretch, with your favorite StretchKin by your side.

StretchKins come in several adorable animal styles: there’s a puppy, an elephant, a unicorn, a dragon, a tiger, and a frog!

Check out StretchKins on our website for more information!

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