Grassology will give you that lawn you have always wanted. Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed has scientifically developed a new kind of grass seed that is so much better than just regular grass. It is easier to take care of, lasts longer and is so easy to use. You will also save hundreds of dollars on your water and maintenance bill.

All I did was spread the Grassology seen on my lawn and let it go. The roots grow up to four times deeper than regular grass which cuts down on your watering because it can reach the soils natural water source. It also grows slower and shorter than regular grass which kept me from mowing as often. It naturally defends itself against weeds and pests so I saved money not having to use pesticides. It’s great for bad spots on the lawn or if you need to sprinkle it all over, it works on big jobs and small jobs.

Grassology has saved me so much extra time and extra money for things I would rather be doing during instead of yard work. Find more information on Grassology at out website.

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